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August 29, 2010
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Train Station - episode 11 by Hideyoshi Train Station - episode 11 by Hideyoshi
I am on a painting spree today, here is Train Station episode 11 zomg
But I have no clue what's supposed to be going on in the picture :P well, sort of - fill in the gaps yourselves.

40 mins or so
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zimalgo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
pacman moon !
ChihuahuaLover22 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
Oh wow! This is inspiring! I just got an idea for my story from this, this is really useful! Thanks :D
kaede-kit Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
Nice work!
BlueRogueVyse Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010  Student Digital Artist

Guess a deer was disturbed while taking a sh** on the rails... no?
DonJavo Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Oh wow, I take a hiatus for a bit and I am treated with a Train station episode! Awesome! This makes me want to start up working on writing a story to go along with these pictures. I will need to review the older ones to remind myself with what is happening, and I really need to see the next one, there better be more, to flesh this one out.

Regardless, this is a great picture and seems really cool, and of course really well done. From what I see, the battle between the Mutant Monks, and our hero has progressed a good deal, and has taken itself outside, of a moving train.

Judging by the picture it seems that there is damage done to the train car the fight started in, but the train is still functional, and that the train has traveled a good deal judging by the vast change from bustling major city train station to the countryside, so saying that the fight may have been in other cars does not seem far fetched.

Love this, and thinking about writing for this. Keep it up!
Nokadota Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
Holy crap, that looks epic! DEMON TRAIN!
Apotheosi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
loving the textures used.

the guy getting flung out is not so visible.
archaeum Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goddamn zerglings.

-Looks like you mashed some poor fella's dog Sarge.
-It's a Zergling, Lester...smaller type of Zerg....He wouldn't be out this far unless....Oh shit.
-I love you Sarge...
- :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:
Suri-ki Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
Someone obviously got knocked the fuck out.

Haha.. this is pretty awesome. You're too good.
Capt-Topknot Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this and instantly thought of the chapter in one of Stephan King's Dark Tower books where there is a train that barrels down the tracks and slams into a muatant deer thats too stupid to move off the tracks. The smear could be that deer, see? In any case its a lovely painting, the dark pallet is nice. Are most of the colors purple tones , or is it just my monitor?
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